I am a strong advocate of human rights, but also of human duties. The responsibility to think beyond our own needs and wishes, to see the world as one big family and feel the urge to care for everyone in it. To make a difference, even if it's to the life of just one person.

Though there is a wide array of worthy causes, I choose to focus my energy on supporting a people who are close to me. Who stole my heart in the far west of Mongolia.

When I first visited this area in 2016 I was absolutely stunned by the warmth and generosity in which I was welcomed. At the same time, I was shocked by some of the living conditions.

Living a nomadic lifestyle, the Kazakh minorities are dealing with long winters, droughts and temperatures ranging from plus 20 down to minus 50. This makes it near impossible to grow anything and a constant challenge to keep the animals they so depend on alive. Some are getting by with only the bare minimum.

The area they live in is very remote (at least 1700 kilometers from an internationally recognized hospital) in one of the least populated countries, where resources are extremely limited and infrastructure almost nonexistent.

Over the years I've been working out ways to support the communities I hold so dear and I am happy to announce that since 2021 I volunteer as an Ambassador for the NGO 'vrienden van de steppenomaden Mongolia' (Friends of the steppe nomads of Mongolia).
Over the last decade this NGO has been building greenhouses and animal shelters and invested in both health care and education. All projects are decided on by the communities themselves, we just do our best to make them happen.

Would you also like to make a difference and support my work in and for the Altai nomads? See buttons below to make a donation.

And keep an eye on my social media for opportunities to get your hands dirty and meet the beneficiaries, by joining a project in person ;)

Do you want to sponsor NGO SteppeNomaden of Mongolië direct via PayPal? CLICK HERE




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